How to reach us?

IRC channel #trehacklab @ IRCNet
Mail address c/o Riku Itäpuro, Multiojankatu 28 G, 33850 Tre
(Address is personal, there is no possibility to receive mail at the space)
The space Watch the webpage dedicated to the space
E-mail info at
hallitus at
Bank account mode 5w ry

IBAN: FI47 1146 3001 1288 31



Do not forget to mention your personal code. If you don't have one please make an e-mail request to hallitus at

E-invoice address: FI4711463001128831
Operator code: NDEAFIHH
Note: If you want to pay to association, you can do it online using internet banking options provided to you by your bank/finance management system. By that means a couple of useless processes will step out, such as invoice mailing and copying. Consequently, your payment will be processed faster.

Persons with responsibilites(Wiki)


Open Tuesdays

Every Tuesday starting at 18:00 doors are open at 5w hackerspace for anyone to see community in action. You can get inside by calling 040-960 9923 while standing by the outer door. There will be no answer, but shortly some of us will come to let you in. You'll notice that the call will be cut off. Location of the space can be found on the webpage dedicated to the space


Official channel is #trehacklab @ IRCnet

What is IRC?

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