Mode 5w ry is official and legal representative, registered association, of Tampere hackerspace community.

Association looks after financial matters of community and signs various necessary contracts such as rental deal of hackerspace premises.

Association is not above community in decision-making hierarchy. Association is meant to enable and help community to work by taking care of formal proceedings with bureaucracy.

Association does not:

  1. Dictate what community should do.
  2. Dictate how community premises are managed or used.

Association does:

  1. Take care of financial proceedings of community.
  2. Signs deals or contracts with third parties
  3. Acts as legal representative of community towards authorities
  4. Decides about membership fees based on opinions presented by community, related to association members and community members

Mode 5w ry has registration number 203.558 in national register of associations.

The association's logo was designed by Lassi Haaranen.

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