Current location of Tampere Hacklab 5w premises is Peltokatu, Tammela, Tampere, about 100 meters North-East from railway station. Rental of Hacklab premises for first four months was made during 2011-02 and full access to space was established on 2011-03-01.

How to get to the space?

In case you are interested but are not yet member, visitors are welcome to check things out on every Tuesday, during community meeting or after it (18:00 ->). For details on how to arrive, ask some member, for example on IRC( #trehacklab @ IRCNet ).

  1. Get to Peltokatu in Tammela district (here).
  2. Stand by the sliding door (big image).
  3. Call the doorbell phone, +358 40 960 9923. There will be no answer, but shortly some of us will come to let you in. You’ll notice that the call will be cut off.

Active members (those who are paying the Hacklab user fee) are granted access to Hacklab premises 24/7. After paying the Hacklab user fee, you get telephone number for opening main entrance door of facility, and code for opening door of Hacklab premises within.


    Work area:
    Dimensions of our space are approximately 4.8 × 5 × 8 meters (height × width × length). For extra space we have built a second floor, which covers about half of main floor area.

    CNC mill






    Ultimaker 3D printer
    The new generation 3D printer (intended for recreational usage).
    Currently in working condition.




    Plasma cutter



    Currently in working condition.

    Laser cutter



    Currently in working condition.

    Other Paja 


    Band saw, drill press, grinder, belt sander, a hot glue gun and other basic tools.

    Photo outdated

    Electronics table  

    Soldering irons, multimeters, power supply, oscilloscope, selection of components etc.




    2nd floorParvi 

    Second floor is built by Hacklab members, mostly for software development and trainings. Area is about 25 sq.m. There are tables, small library, storage, fridge, widescreen TV (and XBOX 360 with games?).

    Photo outdated

There are

  • Toilets available within facility
  • Small kitchen available in facility. It is equipped with sink, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven and even ice cube dispenser :)
  • Rack servers (some of which have no designated use so far)
  • Storage and desk space for working on personal or collective projects
  • Various materials available, planks of wood, boards of wood, sheets of metal, screws and such, also (plenty of) various sorts of equipment and devices (abandoned or brought by members) that we may get to use
  • Electronic lock. Access is granted by voice telephone call subscriber-A number matching number stored in whitelist database
  • Facility has shared network uplink (100 Mbps) available through Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Video surveillance system in premises (maintained by Hacklab) and overall in facility (maintained by owner)

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