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I see myself henadig an International MNC in the field of Private Security Businees which will be addressing the global issues of Integrated Security Solutions in the field of Security Consultancy,Risk Analysis & Crisis Management taking BCP/DRP in to consideration,Home Land Security/ Manned Guarding,Aviation Security,Event Management,Ports/Shipyards/Marine Assets Security,Executive Protection,Electronic Security Solution,Integrated Fleet Management Solutions,Protection at Sea and other security relevent issues on National Importance related with Public Security,Highway Survilliance,International Infrastructure and Emergency/Disater Management Issues.Global Integration will be persued with an emphasis on CSR & HSE issues to address Global Warming & reduction in Carbon Credits in our operations world wide very aggressively and it will be our USP to have a sustainable competetive advantage.Human empowerment will be achieved on a continous basis and it will drawn as a mix accross boundries to make this planet as one home for business contributing to human kind with the best possible services in the field with constant improvement in quality of operations.Bottom line will be profits not at the cost of people,degradation in nature/environment/climate and to bring brother hood closer internationally providing maximum employability as per the company cabilities,hence,bench marking Corporate Governance.

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