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You are spot on about the fear of technology with users. I work in a socohl district and teachers are one of the hardest groups to teach anything to. We had our first password change in three years and a month later we are still reseting passwords. We sent out pictures, with step by step directions about the change, which would only require the users to change their passwords after the have logged in. Users are still complaining about having to memorize a new password. People tape the password to their monitors and students are logging in as a teacher and causing chaos. I am not kidding when yesterday, i had to show a teacher how to use a flash drive and a fourth grade special ed student was making fun of the teacher who couldn't use it. People are sometimes ashamed to admit that they don't know something, this is human nature. I shudder to think of the weak passwords that protect  so much sensitive data in socohls. The password change was started because a administrator at a high socohl had a password of password, and a student logged in as that user and made a event on the socohl web page for national penis day. The administrator could not understand how  a hacker  could do that and that we could not find out who it was. Our network admin and our director of IT tried to explain how a smart kid(or a dumb one) could guess his password and failed to impart understanding of this simple concept of social engineering  and a secure password. Or those who set their password to their first name, which students know. Basically only 1/3 of users have a password that a student or staff member couldn't guess or read off of a post-it note.And we are talking about Phd's and Master Degrees required for these jobs. The irony of educators not willing to learn is staggering. a0|a0
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