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I've been working under siilmar assumptions, but one additional addition would be to register as a charity/non-profit and approach local estate agents and say  we'll save you rates'. I've got a meeting next week with the guy who administers the BIH building across from the hospital and we're ballparking it at 60 quid per sqft per year, and technically you could just pay for a hundred sqft and use an entire floor without much concern. Might be worth trying to get a  big' meet up to bring everyone together and show that there's actually a decent crowd of folk interested (I've got between 10-30 folk of varying ranges of committment).I've been chatting to a load of the InvestNI / NISP people and they're gagging for the type of people who come out of spaces like this (Although I'm not keen on the idea of taking  investment'). Anyway, drop me a line if theres anything we can do
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