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Hi,Being a member of TOG Dublin this is what we found wkored:1) Have 2 or 3 people 100% comitted with lots of time2) Organise monthly meetings (in say a quiet hotel reception) and advertise the meetings through every mailing list you can find. Also the Amateur Radio Clubs are good for members (out of 30 paying members in Dublin 4 are hams) (2 or 3 are ubuntu members) (4 or 5 are 2600 members) Making the aims of the space vague (Technology, Art, Craft, Social) helps.3) Set up a bank account and start collecting a340 per person per month to collect a rent deposit. Those who don't pay don't get any say at meetings and this seperates the talkers from the payers. When you have 10 payers then you have a group! Those who start paying earlier don't get extra benefits, it's just a means to an end.4) Define what the space must have and then what would be nice (non essential) We found city centre and cheap were most important. Internet, insurance, heating was not essential for first couple of months (we used 3G)5) Start off with a place a bit too small, non ideal, with a short term lease (month to month) Many hackerspaces are 1 room.6) Once you have a place more people will come on board but keep advertising and hold cool events and talks.Work one step at a time. As mentioned by someone else a first big meet of everyone interested, well advertised, is a big start. Remember not everyone needs to be paying members. We have lots of non members that visit once a month and contribute to specific projects without the commitment to pay. Payers get keys, non payers get to visit when someone else is there.Regarding payment amounts I would plan for 10 initial members paying a345 per month, aiming for 15 members after 6 months. Dublin only has 30 members for a big city. The more members you get, the more you can drop the cost for everyone. We would all like to pay a320 per month but it's unrealisitc to expect dozens of members in the first year.So I would recommend setting a date a month or two in the future to have a big meet. Go to all the Belfast radio clubs and try to gain support. Spam all technical/software/ NI mailing lists and forums.We also got a newpaper article in a main national paper very early on, which helped get more members. Contact the technical/computer journalist from NI papers.If you want come down for a day trip or overnight to Dublin please come along. We have social nights twice a month and the hackathons are 2 days of weekend activity. We can organise beds.If you hold a meeting at say 8pm on a Friday then some Dublin people could visit to answer questions and help solve problems. You could try kickstarter, they key to getting funding is a good clear pitch, and lots of advertising. It might to better to have public meetings to answer questions and see what the payers want. It might be very hard to answer peoples questions via a kickstarter page.

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