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Hi, I'm a bit late to the game on the whole hackerspace thing, but I'd ralely like to be involved.I gotta say I think corporate funding is a good idea. Its great for them, looks good for them to say they help out a local group. They give basically peanuts (to them) and they get to know people who could be future employees bypassing costly recruitment agencies. It would also look flipping awesome to take a potential customer/visitor down to the local hackerspace for the evening. If the company is interested in freelancers then there's potential to have a broad talent pool of people they know and trust.The benefits for the hackers are much much better:Money, what's peanuts to a company could pay our rent/heating/electric/internet.Connections, NI is a small place, meet the right people and your prospects of a job go up.Equipment, companies change their hardware, be it laptops, cables, desks, soldering stations or old dev boards, it goes to be recycled', I can't see why they wouldn't give them to us instead.They are hackers! they're just like us, they just get paid to do what they love, they can share their experiences. I've learned more in the first 2 years I've been working than the 5 years studying.Job opportunities! I dunno what age you guys are or if you're employed or students but if you go in for a job interview and say you hang out at hackerspace and you have a wee project going the interviewer will be interested. Hell if the company is involved then you may even know the person interviewing you.Freelancers, if a company gets a request for a job that's too small for them or they're too busy or they just don't have the right people, what do they do? advertise for a contractor to do it? tell the customer to take their job elsewhere? or pop down to hackerspace and ask can someone there help them?Talks/Demos, I don't see why companies wouldn't bring in their kit once in a while to show the hackers and give a talk about it and a demo.Open source, some companies don't sell their software, they spend thousands creating it because their hardware needs it. They could benefit from others using it and making it better and we could benefit by getting to play with professionally written and proven software.If we had the right man/woman involved they'd help us with the admin stuff, stuff I'm not ashamed to admit i know nothing about. These people have companies because they're good.I don't see what we have to lose by having a company involved. Why would money, experience and expertise taint hackerspace?

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