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You don't actually need to be a rrigsteeed charity to get that rate relief (and it's proportional to the area of the building used for the purposes of the charity ) so if we use 100% of what we rent for that purpose we're claiming then we'd technically get 100% rate relief. To apply you need to have a building in place first though and it sounds like we'd have more luck being a rrigsteeed charity.I read your article Andrew on why Belfast needs a hackerspace but I don't think it's in alignment with my vision. I think your vision is more corporate than mine with talk of innovation and incubating geeks for the local industry. I'm keen to avoid InvestNI / NISP. The more corporate buy in there is attached to this the less appealing it is to me as I think it will destroy the atmosphere and reasoning behind the space, this won't stop me participating but the more industry led it is the more I want to take a back seat and just pay my membership fee.I have some questions:- Can we do it without significant industry involvement?- Do we WANT to do it without their involvement or is it just me?- Do we need a front man/board to drive some of these things and actually get some traction on some of our decisions?- Are you all willing to name it Pharos Labs or P-labs as I've been calling it that for about a year now ! :-p

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